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  • OÜ KRUVIKS manufactures semiautomatic and
    automatic peat-pressing machines.

  • OÜ KRUVIKS KRUVIKS offers a wide range of possibilities
    for manufacture of metal structures.

  • OÜ KRUVIKS manufactures mixing lines for
    production of peat substrate.

  • OÜ KRUVIKS provides services of plasma
    plasma and gas cutting of metals.

  • Since 1996 the OÜ KRUVIKS company
    has been engaged in design and
    production of various equipment
    equipment for the peat industry, as well as other metal
    structures for the mechanical engineering industry.

About Us

The OÜ KRUVIKS company was founded in 1996. Our main field of activity is mechanical engineering, production of custom equipment and metal structures for construction.

Products manufactured by OÜ KRUVIKS are exported to many countries, including: Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, France, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Austria, Italy, etc. The company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008.

Today OÜ KRUVIKS has approximately 3000 m2 of production space located in the direct vicinity of the border of Tallinn. The company has a vast experience of operation in the field of mechanical engineering, metalworking and manufacture of metal structures.

Maintenance of quality of our products is always our top priority. Another priority of our company is flexible approach to conclusion of contracts with customers.


Our main fields of operation


  •   Plasma and gas cutting machine
      Metal bending
      Metal cutting
      Rolling of thin-walled elements
      Roll-forging of profiles
      Rolling of thick-walled elements
      Turning and milling operations
      Assembly welding

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Metal structures

  •   Metal structures for construction

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Equipment for harvesting and processing of peat

  •   Presses for packing in big bales
      Presses for packing in small bags 100-
          300 litres, for the hobby market
      Peat separation lines
      Peat mixing lines
      Vacuum peat harvester

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Mechanical engineering

  •   Conveyors
      Custom equipment
      Boiler equipment
      Light industry equipment

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Equipment for plants producing pellets from wooden chips

  •   Manufacture of equipment for plants
          producing pellet granules

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  •   Installation of equipment
  •   Removal of equipment
  •   Commissioning and start-up
  •   Transportation
  •   Packaging

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